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Matthew T. Erickson 
has been a competitive cyclist for more than 20 years, spending more than ten years in the bicycle business, fitting cyclists and training them to get the most out of their bodies and equipment alike. 

Growing up along Pacific Coast Highway in California and taught by his father to ride the steep hills and canyons of San Diego County on a steel 10 speed, Matt learned the rigors of cycling at only 8 years of age.  As a teen, Matt took to mountain biking in the hills of western Pennsylvania. Then in college he roomed with two U.S. National Cycling Team members and was bitten by the road biking bug for good eventually racing in the upper Midwest.

Along the way Matt has mastered all forms of  bicycle racing, from the technical, single track, riding of mountain bikes to the rough and tumble racing of fixed gear bikes on velodromes.   

With his a complete experience and knowledge in the world of cycling Matt created Velo Cadence to form a balanced symmetry of cycling coaching.  Matt's experience on everything from state of the art evolution in bicycle and component technology, to proper training, nutrition and recovery gives him a unique perspective.  As a coach he brings decades of real "time on bike" experience, allowing him to know the difference between sporting fads and trends and real results based training and coaching.

Since moving to Florida in '99, Matt has enabled hundreds of Floridians to enjoy riding on two wheels more than they thought possible and much faster than they ever thought attainable.  With a true passion for all things cycling, Matt is happy to answer your questions about what he can do for you and your goals as a cyclist today.  Call or e-mail him to meet  on any one of the many Tampa Bay area group rides.

Matt can create the perfect performance plan for you and your goals as a cyclist.  Whether it be as a simple introductory course or a season long training plan.  Velo Cadence Coaching Courses: 

  • Bike Handling and Control
  • Group Riding Dynamics & Etiquette
  • Focused Speed and Endurance Training
  • Powerful Sprinting
  • Effective Time Trialling 
  • Focused Climbing Form
  • Proper cycling nutrition and recovery
  • Cycling balanced weight training
  • The all important: "Crash Course"
  • Event focused training programs
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Top Left :  Velo Cadence founder and USA CYCLING CERTIFIED COACH; Matthew Erickson,

Top Right: Matt trains triathletes preparing for upcoming races with in-ride coached TT simulation.

Above Right:  Coach Erickson congratulates Velocadence triathlete Angela Wolz on winning her age group at the 2009 FGCU Triathlon.

Bottom Left:   Matt leads a group ride into the Everglades

Velocadence offers individual and group sessions weekly

Estero Flatlanders enjoy another great ride!  Click here to learn more about them:

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